The Checklist for Making an Offer

Making an offer

So you’ve found the perfect house and now you’re ready to make an offer. Since offers can quickly turn into contracts, it’s best to make sure you’ve got your bases covered from the beginning. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t omit any items from the document.

  • Proposed selling price (your offer).
  • Any concessions you want the seller to make.
  • Any financing contingencies (for example, subject to you being able to obtain a satisfactory mortgage. You can go as far as to state maximum interest rates, specific terms, etc.)
  • Any home inspection contingencies (for example, subject to an acceptable whole-house inspection report).
  • A clear definition of precisely what is to be included in the sale. (Don’t simply assume that items such as porch
    swings, fireplace doors and refrigerators are included. Name them in your offer.)
  • The amount of earnest money (your deposit) that is being tendered with the offer.


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