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Now a day’s social media plays a vital role in our day to day activities. This has created an interesting opportunity for those who want home based service businesses. I referred to it as “Interesting”because there are people who are involved in these social media jobs but they tend to hover around the big fish companieswhich results in opportunities for inexperienced individuals who can now become the social media manager for local companies where little to no competition exists and earn considerable amount of money online.


What is a Social Media Manager?

The job of a social media manager is to operate the social media marketing for a particular company. You don’t need to be present there physically, all you’ll require is a computer and fundamental knowledge of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. If you serve the local companies you’ll be at an advantage as you’ll understand their requirements better than the outsiders.

You’ll need only a few hours to manage a particular client. Once you are smooth-running with your skills you can try them with another company. More clients mean more money for you. An average payment would be $300-$450 a month for posting on or connecting with their social media.


So what does a Social Media Manager Needs to Do?

A social media manager works as a bridge between potential clients and a business. Prior experience isn’t required and online training courses are plenty around. Good thing about this is all the information you need regarding this home based business is just a click away of your mouse.


Why Should They Pay You?

Well, why shouldn’t they? A contemporary survey on over 460 small business holders and CEOs shows that around 63% of them spend 1-5 hours on social media every week. Others spend even more, some 21+ hours a week–that’s half of the regular working hour of a week. God knows how they are getting things done!

Easy! They are not!

Vertical Response has done the same survey and they concluded every one in three business owners do want to spend less amount of time on social media. Well, my friend that’s what we want too.


The Road for a Social Media Manager:

Getting in the circle of a famous movie star or bigger company is hard as they tend to choose someone from their own circle. But there are salvage points for you elsewhere:


Tweet For Other People!

Some make hundreds of dollars per hour with managing other people’s accounts. It can be of a big company, a rock star and so on. If you don’t like it or don’t get paid much–it still is a great opportunity as you’ll have contact with many people and you may end up with a greater business from let’s say–one account! Don’t worry though–eventually you are going to end up with a big brand. Just don’t charge excessive in the start, follow the real account managers instructions and you are golden.


Tools for Social Media Work:

You can make your life easy with some organizing tools like the followings:

HootSuit:A free program ($9.99/month upgrade) for scheduling Tweets, Facebook posts etc.

Cochedule: WordPress content marketing calendar ($10/month)

PicMonkey: It’s a free photo editing tool with monthly upgrade.


Finding Clients:

Facebook: There are many groups with the sole purpose of finding virtual assistants and social media managers. Just join here and offer your services when you feel comfortable.

Craiglist:It can be a bit funky at times but their ad section helped a lot of souls.

Locally: Make your business cards using PicMonkey and spread the news of your service availability.


How to Start?

At first, type your goals and services you want to offer them. Then join some Facebook groups regarding your services. It should be a roller coaster from here. Charging is up to you though. It’s something we must learn through trial and error processes so don’t worry about it.

Another way is to setting up your own plain website which will contain your services and credentials. You’ll see the positive results later on.

In the end it’s your choice if you want to do this or not. But if you want to be a free soul, want to use your time properly, want to make some real money online this might be your one way ticket to success.




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