High Paying Social Media Jobs On Facebook, Twitter And YouTube…. How ?

Do you know that businesses all around the world are hiring people just like you to help manage their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? There is a lot of money in Social Media Jobs, and the best part is that you don’t need any qualifications, prior experience or specialized skills. All you need is a few spare hours per week, a computer with an internet connection and a good knowledge of how to use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Now what Exactly Social Media Jobs are & How can You Get one?

This is really interesting article and we’re going to explain exactly what social media jobs are and insider details on how you can land one yourself so that you can also get paid so to jobs on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You see whilst all of these businesses want to get a presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter they don’t have the time, ability or knowledge to do it themselves. They are far too busy with the day to day running of their business and they don’t want to hire someone full time to do it because in most circumstances it only takes 1 – 2 hours per day to manage. So what do you think they are doing about it? They are hiring people just like you to do it for them!

They are Paying People just like you Great Money to Work from Home doing simple Tasks such as:

• Creating their Facebook Fan page
• Posting status updates and comments
• Creating Twitter profiles
• Tweeting special offers and promotions
• Engaging with their customers through comments and posts
• Spending time messing around on Facebook and Twitter!
Today we are talking about this site name PaidSocialMediaJob’s this is one of the Highest paying & Reputable site in this Social Media Jobs Industry.


Lets see what they are Offering. Currently they’ve Worldwide open Positions for:

• Posting Facebook comments – $25 per hour
• Commenting on and ‘liking’ YouTube videos $20 per hour
• Tweeting’ special offers and promotions – $200 per week part time
• Social Media Manager – $1050 per week full time
• Managing Facebook groups and contests $27 per hour
So they’ve a wide range of positions available, and many more are being added daily, however there are also lots of people interested in these jobs and the positions are filling fast so we recommend that you apply now if you are interested.


If you want to earn $100, $200 or even up to $500 a day, and like spending time on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter then this is the perfect opportunity for you!




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