How to Create Website And Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

The website, setup guide is very detailed that’s why it is very easy to follow the guideline. We are going to discuss How to Create Website And Make Money Online Step by Step. So don’t worry if you’re not a technical person. You just need an interest and full attention.

1. First Choose Your Website Platform

There are Three Most Popular Site Building Platforms in the internet these days.

WORDPRESS – on the internet 50% websites are WordPress based.

DRUPAL – on the internet 17% are Drupal based.

JOOMLA – on the internet 6.5% are Joomla based.

Half of the websites on the Internet are running on the wordpress platform. For this Online Money Making Method we are suggesting you to use wordpress as your website platform.

Because it’s totally FREE, with many layouts/themes to choose from, It is very user friendly, On the WordPress platform small or bigger every site works really great and it’s very easy to customize. There are many responsive themes on wordpress platform, that can make your site responsive (Means it’ll work on mobiles & tablets). It is very important for you to build a responsive site. And when you get any trouble you will get help by using this platform, because there are massive support and developer community available out there to help you.

2. Get a Domain Name for Your Site and Host

Now you need two things to get your website online.

(a) Domain Name: For example, the domain name of the website you’re reading is “”. WordPress is free, but a domain name and hosting account will charge you nearly $3 – $6 per month. Don’t go for the free domain or hosting. Free domains are more likely under someone else’s domain. Like if you build your website under this domain or WordPress or google domain, and then your domain will look like “” or “” or “”. This is not good thing these domains are showing someone else’s domain name before your domain name. These domain names will add value to their own site. Here you’re looking to build your own brand & that’s not the way to promote your business.

If you’re thinking what kind of domain name should I choose for my site! Then here is the example. If you’re making a site for your coffee shop, your domain name should look like “” And if you’re planning to promote other peoples product like suppose you want to promote fat loss products then your domain name should look like “”. In this case you have to choose your name according to your niche.

(b) Hosting Account: Hosting is a service which connects your site to the internet.

3. Setup Your Website

After purchasing a domain and hosting you have to follow the following steps.

First on the appearance go to the themes option, select a nice theme for your site & install it. To select a nice theme you can try one by one until you find a beautiful theme. And don’t worry, can change the theme anytime you want. Changing the theme won’t delete your previous data (post, article, image, settings, plugins etc).

Add pages to your site by clicking the “Add New” button under Pages section of the dashboard. When you complete a page and you wish to link it to the navigation bar, go to the “menus” option under the appearance section. After that select the specific page and click on the “Add to Menu” button it will add your page to the menu structure, if you added it successfully your page will show to your site navigation bar.

Every theme its own home page if you don’t like it and want a new full customizable home page, first then create a new page (from “Add New Page” Option under page section) name it “HOME” after that Go to the “Reading” option under Settings section, select the “A Static Page” option (choose the new created “HOME” page) & make save changes.

WordPress has the thousands of free, effective plugins (that can make your site working like a professional) developed by many companies all over the world. When you want to install something just go to the “plugin” section search for a specific plugin chooses your plugin and installs it. Don’t worry, it any plugin not works you can easily uninstall it. Here some good plugins you might have installed on your site.. Akismet(to protect your blog from spam), All In One SEO Pack Or Yoast SEO for WordPress, Clef (secure your admin area), Contact Form by BestWebSoft, Download Manager (if your site has something to download and you want to track the downloads), IP2Location Country Blocker(Block visitors to access to the admin area or site), UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore (Backup and restore your WordPress database), Google Analytics (Track your visitors’ behavior).

5. Search Engine Indexing and Advertisement

Every websites main earnings come from its banner ads which is called advertisement. To put banner ads in your (sites) side bar go to the “Widgets” option under appearance section. And put your banner ads on your “Primary Sidebar” & “Footer Widget Areas”. In order to set banner ads, you will need an affiliate account from an advertising network & how to get it we are going to discuss it below.

When your site will ready, you can submit it to search engines like Google and Bing. Use the links below to do this.

Google’s Link Submission Page

Bing’s Site Submission Page


Now you’re ready to go for Affiliate Marketing.

6. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? From the publisher prospective, affiliate marketing is about the relationships you have with consumers and advertisers. Here consumers are the visitor of your site. And advertisers are the bunch of merchant who put their offers in networks so that people like you and me can promote their product through networks. We can say Aff-marketing is simply a pact between you and a merchant in which you help to promote their products for a commission. Each time you make a sale you will get a commission.

You can promote the advertiser’s product in many ways, but the links advertisers give you through the network those are coded to notify advertisers each time when a sale comes. Those Tracking Links tells the advertisers from which publisher the sale exactly came from. And you get paid upon the agreed percentage of the sale.

7. How does Affiliate Marketing Works?

When a visitor comes to your website actually they come for a purpose, it could be for the Article reading, new reading, any kind of method, pdf, tutorials etc. If they found anything interesting or informative in your site, then they will probably click your banner, text ads or it could be your link inserted any text. After clicking your Aff-link visitor will be redirected to the merchant site/online shop and if the merchant site able to hold the attention of the visitor of that specific product then the visitor might be purchasing the product. Once the visitor buys it the merchant got a notification from which publisher the sale came from and you receive a commission for generated leads and sales. That’s it.

There are many affiliate networks in the industry for Online Money Making. But all are not the trusted there are few networks, those have a good reputation, top offers, better conversation ratio’s & strong payment system. As a beginner we are recommending you to promote offers form these following networks. Maxbounty, Amazon, Clickbank.





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