CARFAX Vehicle History Report

Do you need a vehicle history report like CARFAX? Will it absolutely show you everything bad about the vehicles history? One thing many people including auto dealers don’t know is Vehicle History Reports like CARFAX may not tell you the whole story. If a vehicle was owned by a company that was self insured like a rental car company an accident may not show up on the history report.

The reason? Because rental companies can be self insured damages may not be reported to companies that share their information with Carfax. State laws vary so consult legal counsel or your state Attorney General’s office for more details. Another thing that won’t show up on vehicle history reports including is if someone damaged their car and didn’t report it to the insurance company. No it isn’t a good idea and is against the law but those things happen and won’t show up on a vehicle history report.

Should I get a copy of the vehicle history report if they don’t show everything? Good question; the answer is Yes! Why? Because it will show you if it was in an accident in most cases. It will also show you who owned it last – or if it was a rental. Also it will tell you who and how many owners the car had since it was built. If it looks like the car changed ownership every year – steer clear of it! Also when purchasing a used car consider a dealer. Franchised dealers are held to high standards. From their auto technicians, guaranteed manufacturer parts and more it makes sense to consider them. Dealers will usually “shop” their vehicles and replace worn tires, batteries, etc. Dealers will typically complete State Inspections too helping to ensure your vehicle is road worthy. Most provide at least a basic drive train warranty with their vehicles in the purchase. This is nice to have because drive train repairs are very expensive and require extensive repair time. Their “detailing” crews will clean up the vehicles to get them looking their best. It’s also nice to be able to take it back to the dealership if you need to get work done. Remember only an authorized franchised dealer can perform required manufacture warranty work including recalls. So remember to get your vehicle history report like CARFAX or Auto Check for your next used vehicle.

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