Buyers Tips: Used Car

Save time and money buying your next vehicle “Used Car Buyers Tips”. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit it’s as easy as A, B, C, D to get the best deal possible on your next used car.

  1. Apply– Applying for your car loan before you shop. This will give you a tremendous advantage in the car buying process whether you have good credit, poor credit, no credit or bad credit. Find out what your credit score is, what interest rates you qualify for and be in the driver’s seat to get your best car deal.
  2. Budget- Stay within your budget.

When you apply for your loan ahead of time you will know what you qualify for but you have to stay within your budget. Remember there is more to the cost of owning a car than just a car payment. Gas, insurance and maintenance all increase the cost of owning a vehicle. Make sure you factor these in before deciding how much to spend on a vehicle.

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In determining what you can afford consider things like:

– If I have a family do I need a vehicle with a 3<sup>rd</sup> row seat to fit my family?

– What kind of mileage do I need to get?

– What is the safety rating of the vehicle?

Know your most important requirements you have for your next vehicle then stay within your budget.

  1. Check it out:

Before you actually agree to buy a vehicle you check it out thoroughly. Steer clear of vehicles that have over 100,000 miles on it. The more miles on a vehicle the more likely that it will require increased maintenance. You would be surprised at the quality and price of a vehicle if you visit a dealership the last few days of the month. It is then most dealers are doing everything they can to put deals together.

Make sure you test drive the vehicle you want to buy. Even if it is a new vehicle don’t drives anything but the one you want to buy. Drive it for at least 20 minutes. Take it on the highway. Keep it under the speed limit and drive safely but put it through the paces. If a car smells like it was smoked in pass on it. If you hear any strange noises either have them checked out or pass on the vehicle altogether. Ensure everything from the tires, air conditioning, radio, turn signals and lights are in good shape including the spare tire.

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  1. Delay

The last of our four simple car buying tips is delay. We suggest you delay making your purchase one day before you commit to buying. Make sure you leave regardless of how good the deal may seem. Take a day to sleep on it. This will give you time to thoroughly consider your decision. You can call an insurance agent and check on how much the insurance will cost you. Compare a few prices online at sites like and bounce the idea off your friends and family. Dealerships will sometimes call you the next day offering an even better deal than the one the previously said was “their absolute best deal”.


In closing we hoped you like our “Used Car Buyers Guide”. We are confident that if you follow these four simple steps you’ll save time and money on your next used car purchase. Whether you have good credit, poor credit, bad credit or no credit history be confident you’ll get the best deal possible following these tips.

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