16 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online:


You are probably wondering on how to Make Money Online without having a fraudulent scheme. Let’s face it-we all see those advertisements of making money with a few clicks. Well, there are more ways than just clicking (more money too). Rest assured my friends if you want your idle times to produce money or maybe you are in a tight situation and need some extra bucks; there are solutions. You can try online businesses like creating websites or offering web design services.

Truth to be told, no one likes to do jobs but eventually gets involved in one as you need to sustain yourself and meet up your other expenses. It’s not the best use of your time if you are not doing your “Dream Job” or getting paid well. We all have other things to pursue if monetary crisis is left out of the equation.

Things seem a little baffling to you as to how to make money without a ‘Job’, there are a plethora of options to make money in the online world as well as offline. Earning money is piece of cake by trading in stocks and products or you can be in real estate business.

You can offer consultancy business or set up a small business all by yourself. If you are one of those who dread ventures then how about entering the online world to earn a satisfactory living. You can start here really easy (Oh come on! You are doing it from your home!). As a matter of fact, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to take off. Wondering how to start?

Let’s see the different ways:


1. How to Create Website And Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing:

The website, setup guide is very detailed that’s why it is very easy to follow the guideline. We are going to discuss this Make Money Online Method Step by Step. So don’t worry if you’re not a technical person. You just need an interest and full attention.

1. First Choose Your Website Platform:

There are Three Most Popular Site Building Platforms in the internet these days.

WORDPRESS – on the internet 50% websites are WordPress based.

DRUPAL – on the internet 17% are Drupal based.

JOOMLA – on the internet 6.5% are Joomla based.

Half of the websites on the Internet are running on the wordpress platform. For this Online Money Making Method we are suggesting you to use wordpress as your website platform. Because It’s totally FREE, with many layouts/themes to choose from, It is very user friendly, On the WordPress platform small or bigger every site works really great and it’s very easy to customize. There are many responsive themes on wordpress platform, that can make your site responsive (Means it’ll work on mobiles & tablets). It is very important for you to build a responsive site. And when you get any trouble you will get help by using this platform, because there are massive support and developer community available out there to help you. Read More


2. Make Money Online With Online Paid Surveys:

What is Online Paid Survey?

Online Paid Survey is a way to make some extra cash in your pocket by sharing your thought about a specific product, by commenting on the product or by giving them any suggestion about the product. The product could be anything like a T-shirt, Bag, dog food anything. I think this is a handy way to effectively convert your knowledge, common sense into money in your spare time. And now Online Paid Survey becomes a more common Make Money Online Method these days.

Is it really Possible to Make Money Online by doing Paid Surveys?

Yes absolutely. In the market there are lots of reputable companies who run this type of value able research program to know what people actually thinks about their product. In this way companies come closer to consumers and they know their limitations, and good qualities. These companies are paying millions of dollars to get public opinions about their products. And many more Multi-national marketing companies are ready to spend billions of dollars to run this type of Online Paid Survey campaigns about their new products & services. These survey companies are the large community which performs survey campaigns for the MNC companies.Read More


3. How to Create a Video & Make Money From YouTube:

In this article we will guide you step by step how to make money through YouTube. This article will tell you everything you need to earn money from YouTube. So read this article carefully & if you follow all the steps we can give you guarantee that you will make some serious money from YouTube.

First Why YouTube & How it Pays:

Why you tube is very simple, it is the largest video sharing site in the world which has millions of visitor every single day & it earns billions of dollars every year from it. YouTube make money from its advertisement, advertisers pay YouTube for showing their advertisement inside the YouTube videos. And YouTube pay their publisher from the advertising money.

Step 1- Create a YouTube Account and Build Your Channel:

In order to create a YouTube account you will need a Google account. Just Sign in to YouTube from your Gmail account. Every YouTube account has a channel inside it. After signin click on The Upload Button & You Will Ask for Channel Name Give a name to your channel. Read More


4. Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowd sourcing internet marketplace for work that requires human intelligence without any interference of any kind of automated software. This site brought to us by Amazon Web Services. The Mechanical Turk enables individuals and businesses (known as Requester’s) to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers are currently unable to do.


If someone wants to create a contact list of all the Hospitals in Orlando And that’s why he made a software that automatically find the hospital websites from the internet and extract their contact info’s from their site’s. If such kind of program performs the information might be arranged in such a way that the program misses it. This is the reason Mechanical Turk comes in.

Software’s can’t identify specific objects in an image, recordings or videos. It can’t determine the data duplication from a resource. And can’t do research based work, evaluating beauty, or translating text. Read More


5. Earn Money Online | Be a Social Media Manager:

Now a day’s social media plays a vital role in our day to day activities. This has created an interesting opportunity for those who want home based service businesses. I referred to it as “Interesting”because there are people who are involved in these social media jobs but they tend to hover around the big fish companies which results in opportunities for inexperienced individuals who can now become the social media manager for local companies where little to no competition exists and earn considerable amount of money online.

What is a Social Media Manager?

The job of a social media manager is to operate the social media marketing for a particular company. You don’t need to be present there physically, all you’ll require is a computer and fundamental knowledge of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. If you serve the local companies you’ll be at an advantage as you’ll understand their requirements better than the outsiders. Read More


6. Make Money Online with Blogs:

They are unique websites which get updated very often and their presentation of information is different in format. Blogs are often about individual experiences, niche topics, travelogues or it can be on how to guides.

For picking up a topic, keyword search can be helpful (after pointing out your strength zone). Spy Fu and Google Keyword Tool can be used to observe people’s attention towards your topic.

Free services of bloggers are always a big help but by all means buy your own domain name and integrate it with your free Blogger blog. Getting your own “Word Press” blog with personal domain name will be more fruitful.

Getting to a good start requires picking up an interesting topic, writing good articles, sharing with all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc. Once you are off to a good start with readers, use ad networks, affiliated programs, paid reviews and contents to monetize it.

The “Cookery Segment” and “Food Blogging” segments are also very productive. You can learn how to start a food blog and pursue distinctive food blogging career.


7. Article Submission:

There are many Article submission sites that pay people for writing Article, blog post for their sites.

Few of them pay based on the performance (page views, comment value, rating, vote etc).

Few of them receive article or blog post from writer then they review it, when they done with review they publish article on their Site/Blog. Once your article get publish you will earn rewards/cash/gift cards from the publishing site.

Few of them receive your article review it (if necessary snip it under the terms of use) after that publish it on their site. And when you get your article published on their site you will get a change to do affiliate marketing through your published article. That’s mean they will ask you to earn affiliate commission from their affiliate sites. It could be Google Adsence, Amazon Associate, Ebay etc. The money can be very small when you will start writing, day by day when you will get a few articles publish on sites you will see a good amount of money coming from those.

These sites receive articles on almost every topic. When you write article on their choice it can be $200 per article. Not only these sites are paying for article writing but also there are many websites on the internet that require part time writer for their blog/site.

Here are some high rank sites for article writing: Hubpages, ezinearticles, goarticles, Wikipedia, articlebase, Associated Content, Helium, Google Knol


8. Offer Copywriting Services:

If you don’t like the above idea you can be a content provider. The ever increasing websites and blogs need more and more contents. You be the provider and make money online. Still confused? Check out freelancing websites such as “Fiverr” and “Elance”. “Fiverr” is the place to offer copywriting services. You can get $5for a 500 word article.

One useful suggestion is to care for the “keyword” as the search engines look for these. It should appear after every 100 words or it should have 2-4% keyword density.


9. Create an e-book:


If you have good command over a subject, you can create an e-book to help others finding their solutions. Use a word processor to create it and convert it to pdf later. Take help from someone on Fiverr. Sell it on your blog/website or eBay and earn money online. You can also try ClickBank or Commission Junction as a seller to promote your book by offering them commissions for sale.


10. Offer Newsletters for Money:


If you have access to a myriad of different information you can put them together to make a daily/weekly/monthly newsletter. Collect some prospective buyers and provide them with free trial subscription of your newsletter to get enough subscriber.


11. News Clipping Services:


Here you just have to keep track of your client’s (a business executive or local company) important news and developments in his business area while he is off to do some other business.


12. Earn Money as an Affiliate:

This type of business requires trust. If you want to earn money by promoting various products, you need to haveeasy going informal relation with your clients.You want to promote web hosting company–your prospective buyers need to feel your trust and care to buy through your affiliation.


13. Sell Stock Photos:

Fotolia, ShutterStock, Dreamstime and iStockphoto are your destination if you want to sell your stock photos and earn money online. You don’t need to be a pro, an amateur is just fine. Just make sure to exclude images of trademarked brands, art or easily recognizable faces of people without a model release. Use good description and even though some sites might hassle you with quality check, once get the hang of it, passive income will be easy as pie.


14. YouTube for Affiliated Marketing:

Videos have the extra benefit of transmitting emotions. From myriad of products you can select yours to promote on “Clickbank”. Create gripping reviews and incorporate short URLs for your affiliated links and make money online.

15. Amazon Affiliate Program:

Amazon is special. While being an affiliated program, it even let integration via their API. Amazon pays fairly low commission (4-10%). But they’ll pay on anything a customer will order using your affiliate link. Amazon is available in different countries but sign up is required for every country individually. It also gives commission (2-3%) to whoever brings business and help with their selling.


16. Online Researcher:

Researchers are needed by many writers, educationalists and students for information on definite subjects. You can do the research and make passive money. You can check this on Craigslist classifieds website.